Sundancer Communications is a publications support service that provides expert conceptual consulting, designing, editing, and proofreading for a wide variety of products that incorporate print, CD, and online Web media. We focus on streamlining and polishing language and imagery for elegance and efficiency of message. We have vast experience preparing scientific documentation, producing educational products, and creating tools for business and organizational image enhancement.

If you seek quality performers, we are your team.


Types of Work Time Estimates Fee Ranges in U.S. Dollars
copy editing -- basic 3-8 manuscript pages per hour 20-35 per hour
copy editing -- substantive 2-5 manuscript pages per hour 25-50 per hour
desktop publishing 1-4 newsletter pages per hour 30-40 per printed page
6-10 book pages per hour 35-65 per hour
developmental editing 1-5 pages per hour 32-60 per hour
graphic design project specific 65-95 per hour
project management not applicable 100 per hour
proofreading 3-10 manuscript pages per hour 20-35 per hour
publication & cd design project specific 65-95 per hour
researching not applicable 25-50 per hour
transcribing project specific 3-10 per double-spaced page
writing 1-3 manuscript pages per hour 40-125 per hour

Resumes of principal performers may be obtained by contacting the Toshisan Performance Group coordinator.